Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To be the finishing school to bridge the engineers’ skills-gap and make them employable in the industry.

Our Vision

India is a strategic location for P3 to support its global programs and launch new initiatives. India is one of the world’s fastest growing economy and is expected to be a large consumer of products and services to meet its own demands as well as serve global demands from India. This growth brings opportunities for employment in the industry. While a large pool of engineers comes out from universities every year, industry wants them to be industry-ready before employment.

This encouraged all of us at P3 to leverage our 20 years of experience in servicing top engineering clients to launch P3 Academy – an exclusive training division of P3 that will provide industry-customized & job-oriented trainings to engineering students, graduates and professionals who are looking to upgrade and fine-tune their skills to secure best jobs in the industry.

Furthermore, the highly-skilled and well-trained engineers produced through P3 Academy will easily fulfil the recruitment and scale-up needs of P3 – and many other engineering companies – benefiting the “industry-professionals ecosystem” as a whole.