Analysis is integral part of the product design and development. Engineering Analysis determines whether and to what extent the Product can withstand undesirable, sub-optimal and even extreme conditions of operation. If it is realized that the Product may not perform well under certain operating conditions, then the Analysis Engineer suggests modifications and corrections that need to be implemented in the Design of the Product.

If we consider the domains of Aerospace or Automotive industry – precision and accuracy of the “structural analysis” become all the more critical because of the stringent safety and quality requirements. It is well understood that operating conditions for Airplanes & Automobiles can vary across extreme conditions – thereby requiring exceptionally high precision in the Analysis carried out by the Engineers.

Aerospace & Automotive offer complex and challenging engineering initiatives, the innovation in these domains provides fulfilling career growth. These sectors are appropriate for engineers in the engineering streams of Mechanical, Industrial, and Aeronautical & Automotive.

With this very understanding, we have formulated our curriculum for the “Structural Analysis” course at P3 Academy whereby we will focus more specifically on the unique and distinct requirements of the Aerospace & Automotive industries – so that the students will become capable of meeting all the product development requirements and compliance standards.

Sub Courses
Courses Duration Course Update Next Batch
Finite Element Method (FEM) 480 hrs Admissions Open
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 360 hrs Admissions Open


Advance Courses
Courses Duration
Fatigue & Damage Tolerance (F&DT) 150 hrs
Composite 150 hrs


Fatigue on Airframe Structure

FEA on Airframe Structures

Fatigue & Damage Tolerance

Repair & Concessions


Linear Static Analysis

Non-Linear Analysis

Fatigue Analysis

Hand Calculations


For FEM, Hypermesh v13/14

For FEA, Nastran/Patran