Design is the first step in product development; a continuous evolving process which is influenced by the changing need & demand of the target customers.If we consider the domains of Aerospace or Automotive industry – precision and accuracy of the “Product Design” become all the more critical because of the stringent safety and quality requirements.

Aerospace & Automotive offer complex and challenging engineering initiatives, the innovation in these domains provides fulfilling career growth. These sectors are apt for engineers in the engineering streams of Mechanical, Industrial, Aeronautical & Automotive.

With this very understanding, we have formulated our curriculum for the “Design” course at P3 Academy whereby we will focus more specifically on the unique and distinct requirements of the Aerospace & Automotive industries – so that the students will become capable of meeting all the product development requirements and compliance standards.

Duration Course Update Next Batch
270 hrs Admissions Open Starts 01-Aug-2018


Aerospace Design Principles

Aerospace Design Standards

Aerospace Materials

Aircraft Structural Design