Technical Publication or Documentation is the discipline of creating maintenance and servicing Manuals for various products so that those who refer these manuals can easily understand the various aspects,methods and processes for maintaining, repairing, inspecting or operating of the products.

If we consider the Aerospace industry – maintenance is put before the machine. Precision and accuracy of the information and instruction that are embedded in the “Manual” becomes all more critical as margin of error is negligible. It is well understood that operating conditions for Airplanes can vary across different environments – thereby requiring exceptionally high precision from those who maintain,repair, inspect and operate the aircrafts. Such accuracy is only possible when the Manuals are precise,comprehensive and up-to- date. Therefore, Technical Publications is a specialized field in the Aerospace industry that offers attractive avenues in career growth.

With this very understanding, we have formulated our curriculum for the “Aerospace Technical Publications” course at P3 Academy, whereby we focus more specifically on the unique and distinct requirements of the current Aerospace industry – so that the student will become more capable of delivering such excellent maintenance and servicing Manuals that meet the stringent standards of the Aerospace industry.

Sub Courses
Courses Duration Course Update Next Batch
Aerospace Technical Publication 270 hrs Admissions Open Starts 06-July-2018


Advance Courses
Courses Duration
Structural Repair Manual (SRM) 150 hrs
Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM) 150 hrs
Service Bulletin (SB) 150 hrs



Aircraft Maintenance Manual

Illustrated Parts Catalogue

Component Maintenance Manual

Structural Repairs Manual

Aircraft Engine Manual


ATA 100

iSpec 2200