College Tie-up

At P3 Academy we intend to enter into training-cum-recruitment partnerships with reputed engineering universities and colleges whereby we will offer our industry-customized and job-oriented training to the current students of those engineering colleges who are in the 4th year or the 3rd year of their course. Many of the students who successfully complete these training will be recruited into P3 – and others also who train with us will accrue significant enhancement in their career prospects – landing coveted jobs with other engineering companies. Therefore, it can be noted that such college students who successfully complete our training will have both their college authorities and P3 officials rooting for their placement.

The duration and conduct of these training can be customized keeping the schedule and constraints of students in consideration – whereby some modules will be conducted at the colleges and some will be conducted at our premises in Bangalore. It should be beyond doubt that universities and colleges that enter into such training-cum-recruitment tie-up with us will register and accrue significantly improved placement statistics over years.